Monday, April 22, 2024

Analytical Report on Safety of Journalists and Press Freedom in Uganda

Uganda’s media landscape has since the early 1990s been liberalized with the proliferation of both print and electronic media outlets. Currently, the country is said to have over 260 radio stations, at least 100 television channels and above 50 newspapers print and online.

Despite this seeming diversity in Uganda’s media space, the freedom of expression and press freedom environment continue to shrink as a result of measures being adopted by state actors through the introduction of legislations both policy and administrative in order to control the media. Free press has continued to shrink as manifested in overt and covert acts by state agents, prevalent media legislation, policy and administrative actions.

This report is a product of the examination of abuses and violations against journalists for the past two years (2018-2019) based on statistics and narratives which point to the safety and security situation of journalists in Uganda.

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