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AFEX: How Members marked the International Day to End Impunity

On Monday November 2, 2015, member organisations of the African Freedom of Expression Exchange (AFEX), made up of the nine most prominent free expression rights advocacy organisations on the continent, joined the global press freedom community to mark the UN-designated International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. AFEX secretariat compiled highlights of how its members celebrated the day. Media Rights Agenda (MRA) from the Nigerian capital Lagos, engaged its over 5000 followers on twitter while sharing info graphs and retweeting excepts of statements and press releases of other media advocacy organisations across the globe. From Accra, Ghana’s capital, the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) issued a statement calling on countries to protect journalists. To find out more about how the remaining AFEX members marked the day Kindly click here.

AFEX is a network of African freedom of expression organisations, all members of the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX), who seek to address freedom of expression challenges in Africa. Such challenges include laws and policies, traditions, customs, absence of capacity arising from ignorance, poverty and lack of access to technology; and security.
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