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Zimbabwe Police Harass Journalist

Freelance journalist Nyasha Majoni was on 27 January 2020 reportedly manhandled by police in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe who accused him of sending pictures and video clips of police arresting illegal money changers.

The police demanded to see the pictures and video clips before returning the phone and threatening the journalist with unspecified action.

MISA Zimbabwe position

MISA Zimbabwe is greatly concerned with the number of cases involving the police in the harassment and assault of journalists conducting their lawful and constitutionally protected duties of reporting on events as they unfold without any hindrance.

These media freedom violations which should be addressed as a matter of urgency, do not only dent the image of the police but of Zimbabwe as a country that does not respect its own Constitution particularly when these are perpetrated by members of the police who are supposed to be exemplary in their conduct and respect for the law.


SOS journalists hotline

If you are injured, detained or arrested ín the line of duty, call our 24/7 SOS journalist hotline on 0784 437 338 to access legal and/or medical assistance. 

Don’t forget to have the number saved in your phone for emergencies!

Find out more about the hotline here.

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