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Journalists kicked out of Ugandan Parliament

This statement was originally published on Watch Dog on June 20, 2016.

Parliament has finally thrown out experienced reporters that were deemed critical of the Parliamentary business.
The battle that started last year when Speaker Kadaga sought to replace reporters that have served several years at the House, culminated with twisting of the rules before one is accredited to report on the House business.

Kadaga wanted to throw out any reporter who has been stationed at Parliament for more than five years. The Speaker had realized the reporters that knew the House in and out were querying several things including her manner of running Parliament.
Behind the curtains, Kadaga targeted reporters at the Observer newspaper as well as Daily Monitor that she deemed critical.

When the plan fell flat with analysts defending experience on the job as a plus for parliamentary reporting, the minimum academic requirement was mooted. The case is still in court in which journalists are challenging Parliament’s decision to demand academic requirements for media personalities to report about it. Parliament called for fresh accreditation procedures. However, still journalists with degrees were not accredited.

A group of reporters, Parliament administrators are comfortable with has been approved. And the list of 44 journalists Parliament administrators are uncomfortable with has been released. The list includes NTV’s Agnes Nandutu, Daily Monitor’s Yasin Mugerwa. Radio One’s Kenneth Lukwago, and Radio Simba’s Dick Nvule.
A notice has been issued requiring the 44 journalists to return Parliament properties, which would bar them from accessing parliament chambers again:

“Good morning,
The following are advised to return the security access tags that they used during the 9th Parliament.” Bukuwa said in a short statement,
1.      Rev Isaac Bakka
2.      Agnes Nandutu
3.      Henry Mulindwa
4.      Mukasa Abdallah
5.      Rebecca Nambooze
6.      Damalie Nabbosa
7.      Mathias Rukundo
8.      Cyprian Musoke
9.      Enock Kakande
10.  Yasin Mugerwa
11.  Lawrence Mugerwa
12.  Morgan Mbabazi
13.  Wambi Mike
14.  Samuel Egadu
15.  Isabel Nakirya
16.  Dick Nvule
17.  Kenneth Lukwago
18.  Ronald Muhinda
19.  Jude Bukenya
20.  Richard Wasswa
21.  Alex Lubwama
22.  Ben Jumbe
23.  Alice Lubwama
24.  Sarah Natoolo
25.  Edwin Mamuto
26.  Annet Namubiru
27.  Nsubuga Jumma
28.  Moses Kajangu
29.  Harriet Nakungu
30.  Paul Lubwama
31.  Ivan Mponye
32.  Brenda Namaganda
33.  Henry Acaye
34.  Hamidu Mutasiga
35.  Mugabo Mubarak
36.  Amon E. Muhereza
37.  Charles Kazooba
38.  Ismail Nkonge
39.  Robert Semujju
40.  Sam Ssebuliba
41.  David Turyatemba
42.  Jessica Kyomuhangi
43.  Ambrose Kyabasinga
44.  44. Oliver Natukunda

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