Tuesday, May 28, 2024

AFIC to collaborate with Uganda Human Rights Commission on implementation of the Information law

0n 2nd, April, 2024, Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC)held a fruitful discussion with Uganda Human Rights Commission on how to closely collaborate on the protection and promotion of the right of Access to Information.

AFIC team led by ED Mr. Gilbert Sendugwa proposed an amendment to the Access to Information Act to provide for another body other than courts where people denied information can quickly seek redress; that body being us because of our wide Constitutional mandate. Our

@ChairpersonUhrc Hon. Mariam Wangadya said it appears the public is content with the little information it receives in the media that is why we have not received any complaints on derogation of this right in our Human Rights Tribunal. Member of the Commission Hon.

Cuspin Kaheru, @ckaheru said there’s a section of the general public that seems not to know that certain information is not supposed to be shared until it is declassified. On the other hand, the government doesn’t often come out to state which information is classified so a lot of advocacy is still needed.

Director, Ruth Ssekindi@BKamadi noted the need for robust sensitisation of both rights holders and duty bearers on the enjoyment and observance of this right.

The other members of the UHRC team were; Director

Pauline N Mutumba @RSsekindi , PHRO

Senior human rights officers; Diana Akampereza & Sandra Alonyo.

Omara Lamex

SimeoMuwanga Nsubuga

Lukwago shifrah

Ida Nakiganda

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